Embrace the beauty in living life unfiltered.

Thank you for reading my stories, laughing along, and being brave enough to share yours! 



When did you last belly laugh?

On our recent Rock Your Bliss retreat to Ojai, Ca every night around the fire with the most amazing women!

Where do doubt and shame show up in your life and how do you tackle those feelings?

Money, Social Media, Goal Hangovers. I tackle the feelings by talking to a loved one like my husband or best friend of a business partner, I get out in nature to remember the bigger picture and recalibrate and I remember that I am human and always learning. 

If there were one small act that could be contagious, what would you like it to be?

High fives. 

Biggest technology peeve?

ME! When I scroll on Instagram mindlessly and lose track of time and thus lose time in my own life. 

High and Low from this year?

HIGH: Creating our second daughter in my belly. The closest to magic ever. LOW: Realized I over-extended myself in my calendar with my 'YES' and feeling that I was missing moment with my first daughter and husband with all the travel. 

What scares you? Personally and on a more global level.

Personally: I have fear that creeps in around money and if I am doing enough. Global Level: I have fear that we are losing connection as humans and focusing on our differences and separate-ness over our alikeness. 

What reminds you there is no reason to be afraid?

Trust in the Universe, God, Santa Claus, Buddha, all of the magic that is co-creating without us even knowing. Trust is my anti-fear buster. 

With whom, doing what, when, or where do you feel most at home?

Hand in hand with my husband and our Evergreen girl in a pack on my back on a hiking trail anywhere. 

Picture your most joyous day. Name three elements that help comprise that perfect day. 

Pop up camper. Morning percolator coffee. Family.  

Hardest life lesson learned?

Not everyone is going to like me, and that is okay. 

What is the best way someone’s shown up for you in a time of need?

Presence, be it on the phone, in person, or online. I am all about the experience of another human in any moment. 

Share an experience that changed your life. For better or worse.

I finally gave myself permission to fall fully in love with all the risk and reward. My husband and our relationship has changed my life. 100%.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My Mother wrote on a post it one day for me to find: 'Some times you have to get lost to get found'. 

Worst advice?

Play it more safe. 

Top 3 pieces of advice for those seeking to live a good and full life.

1) Like Fleetwood Mac provides in a permission slip for us all in the RUMORS album, 'You can go your own way'.

2) Choose the beliefs that serve you so you can start looking for how to live them and believe them. 

3) The law of attraction is so real, get your mind right so you can attract the people you are meant to learn from, grow with and who will hold you to your best self. I believe we have to lean on one another. I do.