Jacki and I met years ago on a retreat she hosts through her company, Rock Your Bliss. Her warmth and energy are contagious and she leaves everyone better than she found them. If you're needing motivation setting and crushing goals, no one is better suited for the job. Check out Jacki's honest answers on Outside Insights. 


You know when you meet someone and it's so obvious your lives are built around the same fundamental values that a friendship is inevitable. This is how I felt when I met Laura. We've worked alongside one another caring for sick patients. Myself as a nurse. Laura their Physical Therapist. Every time we chat I feel I'm left better for having heard her wise words. 


I believe in soulmates and I believe my sister, Michelle and I would have found each other had we not been bound by blood. Luckily, the Universe made harder parts of life easier by linking us together from the beginning. Michelle has a softness, a wisdom, and a heart that make you want to be around her as much as possible. Other than her perfect self and being a great sister she also happens to be an incredible wife, mom, daughter, friend, and wildly impressive yoga teacher. Find her, you won't regret a moment in her presence. 


Though I share plenty in my storytelling, I thought it unfair to dish out these questions to others unless I also answered them myself. Read on for my honest responses and learn about this featured photo by clicking my name above. Contact me to be featured. I love to hear and learn from the insights of others! 


Lizzie is as blunt a truth teller as it gets. Honesty pairs well with her down to earth nature and wild sense of humor. A few minutes in her company is all it takes before the cheeks begin to hurt from laughing. Highly intelligent and extremely quick witted, Lizzie is a person that will inspire you to pick up your game, because to her, if you're not learning, you're not growing. 


Jessi McPherrin is a motivator extraordinaire. Her work is in leadership coaching but she rocks her talents both in and out of the office. Spend an hour over coffee with this gem and you'll leave feeling confident and inspired to go after all that you can dream. Check out her honest answers in this first Q&A below and to find out more about her, click here