Consciously, I made a decision to slow things way down. I would plan to linger longer at coffee shops and block off whole days to write. I would meander on purpose. I would schedule agenda free days. Designing my time in fulfilling ways became high priority.

The organic meat stick? I found it in my purse while my friends and I were getting manicures. I was overcome with hunger waiting for everyone's nails to dry and it was another 20 minutes before I could nosh properly on crudité at home. It was purse-meat or death. Show me a vegetarian who wouldn’t falter in similar dire straights.

Trying to manage my stress in a therapy session one day I admitted that (NBD) I hadn’t shared with anyone what I was harboring. When your therapist’s face looks a little judge-y it’s quite clear you’ve chosen poorly. My confession bought some therapy homework of sharing with those whom I could trust. Luckily, I had options.

Excuse me, where is the exit? I’d like to get off this ride. The operator of this thing’s got a real sense of humor-tilting us sideways unexpectedly. It’s making me nauseous. The person behind me won’t shut up. That group up front won’t put on their seatbelts despite me repeating the safety precautions. 7 Goddamn times! So as I said I’d like to get off. Now please!

I want the same for everyone else, too. Go after your dreams. Be a good human. Lookout and do for others, not just yourself. We’ve got this one little life. Let’s all stay focused on the road we’re intentionally creating. Cheers to another, even better spin around the sun!