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letting go

I’m moving. Transitioning from one space to another. Simplicity was on the agenda for 2018 and while I was learning to live with less, nothing makes you realize how much you’re still holding onto than when you pack up to move.

A friend gave me the CliffsNotes on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Does this item bring me joy?

Well yes Marie Kondo, all my clothes bring me joy, in fact. While I hate sounding materialistic, it’s true. The possibility of different pieces coming together to create different looks brings me great happiness.

Joy would not be my litmus test.

I still wanted to want for less so I came up with my own passing criteria for my belongings.

Packing up, I asked my items, “Do you fit impeccably well? How high is your quality? Are you timeless?”

I found items that were forced to fit. Like a pair of black painted jeans, in a size I’d never be again. I found pieces that didn’t feel like me at all. And others that admittedly never worked.

How much do we hold onto that we don’t really need? Why do we keep things that no longer, or maybe never, served us?

I began to ask myself the same questions.

When we transition between spaces, one year to the next, or even an old relationship to a new we have a tendency to layer on the old beliefs, feelings, and habits.

We don’t keep on every clothing layer from one season to the next. How dysfunctional would that be? Not to mention uncomfortable and very sweaty.

Old stories, old feelings, and old habits are exactly that – old. If we want that new new we have to be able to let go of that old old.

I have insecurities from old friendships and past relationships. Trusting the universe, no problem. Trusting another person can be harder work.

Some fears stem long ago from childhood. Fearing imperfection in the eyes of another, I’d feel uncomfortable making choices that felt truest to myself, making walking around in my own skin at times hard.

It’s amazing how much we acquire through the years.

I grew up in this space that I’m now leaving behind. It’s the most peaceful home in which I’ve ever lived. I’ll take what I need but there’s a lot I’ve outgrown.

Why hold on to jeans that will never fit again or a stale belief that never fit at all?

Holding on suffocates me from breathing in the possibility of something fresh and new. Something different.

If I can’t lean into trust then I can’t fully breathe.

If I can’t walk comfortably in my skin then I can’t fully breathe.

And I literally cannot breathe in those jeans. Like at all.

As we move into a new day, season, or space, let’s simplify by letting go of the junk we’ve held onto that doesn’t work. Let’s trust and keep only what fits impeccably, what is of the highest quality, and le duh, what makes us look timeless.

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