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the wish

Yawning is contagious. We’ve heard many possible reasons for this phenomenon and a quick Google search will yield several more you’ve never heard. One suggests yawning is connected to empathy. “Yeah, I hear ya man, I’m tired too…yaawwn.” Regardless, its contagion cannot be denied.

What if other small acts were as contagious?

Smiling at strangers as we pass them on the streets.

Holding the door for others.

Never forgetting our please and thank yous.

Expressing gratitude.

Looking people in the eyes more. (Get off our phones)

Contentment for the now as is instead of worrying about what would have been, what should be, or what could be.

More patience.

More appreciation.

With a birthday on the horizon my focus becomes clear on wish lists. What small shifts of kindness, peace, respect, appreciation, and gratitude can we extend to one another that they overwhelm the world and catch like wildfire? What’s yours? Will you try it on for size this weekend? C’mon, it’s my birthday.

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