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the list

Like many I've spent more than a few January 1 making radical resolutions. "No eating out...nothing fun unless it's cheap or free...up every morning at 5am to work out...journal...quit sugar."

Last year I had whittled the extreme list down to only one major resolution. I attempted my second Whole30. On day +20 something I found myself succumbing to the slightest bit of peer pressure. I folded easily and within minutes I was having a beer and within a few hours of that I'm kindly being asked to remove myself from a karaoke stage to give others a turn.

You live and you learn, right? For me, smaller changes that are balanced create more lasting effect than the extremes. I'm eating a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup right now BUT I'm not eating twelve whilst ordering insomnia cookies. See? GROWTH.

I'm a firm believer in the art of writing out intentions as a powerful way to put them out to the universe. Sounds cooky? Try it. It works. Go quietly write out your intentions for the year, keep the list in a place you see regularly, and watch what develops. I won't tell a soul how hippy-dippy you've become. Promise.

Here's my start. Be in touch late December to see my end.

2016 Intentions

Write beautiful reading for best friends wedding that makes congregation laugh and cry. (Best friend of 26 years asked me to write and read whatever I want about love/relationship at her ceremony. She's not paying a ton of attention...to address after wedding).

Be more phone-less! Experience my surroundings and be more social than on social.

Lean into what stirs curiosity; work, experiences, people, feelings.

Work to be a bit kinder than the day before. Remember (for the most part) that everyone is trying really hard at this life thing. And if I feel failed or hurt by someone that I keep in mind they are trying the best they can.

Walk each day with an open heart, open mind, but also an ear to the gut, for when it speaks truth can be found.

Start dating my hubby. Ok, I'm just going to do it. I'm putting it out there. I'm ready. It's time. If I've seen writing intentions on paper manifest then publicly publishing them on the interwebs is sure to expedite the process.

Be a HELL of a LOT more mindful and loving with inner dialogue. If I spit half the limiting belief BS to my friends that I say to myself I wouldn't have any friends left.

Continue to create memories for my niece and nephew with fun, city-adventuring sleepovers.

Move into a new apartment filled with character and charm.

Nourish what inherently feels REAL.

Feel power in authenticity.

Explore more; locally and beyond, and most especially outside that which is comfortable.

*Change can be daunting. I understand. (Outside of soph. year at PSU) I have seen the most growth in myself in the last handful of years because I sought CHANGE. And by trial and error I found what brought GROWTH. That's just life, yeah? If you ever have questions about resources, book recommendations, where the closest Dairy Queen is, ect, I'm here to help.

**I have no idea what I'm doing.

***But it's kind of working out pretty well.

****For instance, I know these * are to be used earlier in the writing to denote a footnote. Here, nope.

*****Those that would prefer more of an APA format would be recommended to unsubscribe from this blog. STAT.

the terms and condition

the plan