Embrace the beauty in living life unfiltered.

Thank you for reading my stories, laughing along, and being brave enough to share yours! 

the blog

A coworker of mine recently said she's been blogging since she was 13. What the what?! I'm pretty sure blogging wasn't even a word when I was 13. It was called a diary. Is this what this is? Maybe. Because I'm pretty sure when I wrote in my diary that I was in love with Jimmy George there was hope that someone (Jimmy George) would read it.

So this is my modern day diary and I want your readership. This is vulnerable. Be kind.

We're in infancy stages right now and I am a Gemini and prone to fluctuations. I'm not going to box myself in and say this blog is about life lessons or being single in your 30's. I can't. Some posts will be funny, some hopefully insightful, some may be sad, and some will just be labeled "other" or "late night eating and texting". If you're reading this from the beginning you'll be watching the evolution. My hope is that someone somewhere finds value in it for themselves or shares with a loved one. Or you use it as your quick "safe" browser tab when you're significant other comes in and you don't want them to see you online shopping or watching porn. Whatever.

Alsooo, I've never created a blog before. I am a nurse. Tech is very far from my skill set. Relax, it will get better looking. (I think).

NEW post coming in early next week. Drop 'em like it's hot, baby.

the plan

WTF, this is not what I planned