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play big

A few months ago I strolled the mall shopping with my mom, sister, and niece. My niece was preparing and gathering the essentials before taking off for sleep-away camp. In Virginia. She is 8. Her wishes. My sister and I could not believe this. Wasn’t she just an infant the day before? Shocked by her lack of fear, we hid ours as we talked about all the exciting new firsts she would soon be experiencing.

Off on our own, my niece and I chatted. I was throwing her big life questions, as I tend to do. One of the classics came up.

“Francesca, this is serious. What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As sure and confident as the sky is blue she responds, “When I grow up, I want to be in financials, then be in the government, and then become President.”

Struck by my eight-year-old nieces boldness twice in one shopping visit, I floated the mall feeling so proud. When did she even learn the word financial? She really was an infant just the day before- I swear.  If she wants the world, she can have the world. And she will take it by storm. This much I know is true.

As I continued to think about this something struck me. When did we stop living this big? When did fear come on the scene drowning out bold plans? At one point did we choose practicality over dreaming? When did thoughts of “not being (blank) enough” arise? I asked around. It seemed more prevalent among women that dreams were muted over time, limitation talk taking hold. Then I got Pissed (note the capital P). To avoid this piece taking on a threatening tone, let’s just say, if anyone attempted muting my nieces dreams, then words will be had. Out back. I’d suggest wearing padding.

I checked in on my site the other day, half hoping my requests for web redesign had been answered. Not quite. Still waiting. (Have money, will pay). It had been two months since my last piece. What had I been doing? I’m so glad you asked. I had been living! Pretty fully too. I had been daring and trying new things. I was crushing savings goals by working overtime at the hospital. I was going out on dates with famous journalists (nbd). I was vacationing and celebrating with my closest friends. It should be noted, that I was fucking tired, too. To the people who seem to do it all, please look a little more fatigued with me. Or tell me your secrets. Either will be fine. I was living - channeling my niece and all the other eight-year-olds in the world and doing whatever the hell I wanted to do.

In that time I had trained to become an instructor at one of my favorite studios in the city. Say whattt? I know. I had always dreamed of this so I took a page from my niece’s book and went for it. Fittingly enough, I found myself at a studio where the ideas of openness, sharing positivity, and motivating others were contractual. Yes, please! I’d sign twice if I could have.

I’m officially on the schedule, leading classes, motivating others, and working bodies hard on the Megaformer. I won’t be the best to start (show me a person who is and I’ll point you in the direction of their ego). But I will practice and grow each day. I invite you to come take my class. (sign up here) If you’ve never tried this type of work out, perfect. That will make two of us taking on daring new experiences. We’ll grow strong together. If you’re seasoned, sign up. I feed on your inspiring energy just as much as you will count on mine. We’ll grow stronger together, too. Join me. Let’s inspire, motivate, and support each other to be fearless, bold, and o so strong. After all, strong is definitely the new sexy.

that's a wrap

be kind. always.