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WTF, this is not what I planned

As we near the end of the year I am called to go back to the beginning to review all that has come and all that has gone. I love reflecting and learning from my experience, it's my favorite. So much so that it causes a bit of inertia thinking and reviewing and keeps me from catapulting into the next experience. That really is a whole other post. We'll get there, calm your tit.

Flashback to December 31, 2014. I was wrapping up this year feeling amazing. I spent much of 2014 becoming grounded in who I am, living my core values, jumping way out of comfort zones, and relishing in the joy of it all. Confidence was spewing from my pores. Plans on NYE brought me with new friends to a warehouse party in Kensington. Yes, Kensington. Whatevs. House music not so much my thing but I was ready to dance the night away. I made a quiet hopeful goal for the night to 1. Wake up in my own bed and 2. Mack on a hot guy. Warehouse party is wild. There was heavy boozing, blacking out, and a lot of falling on the dance floor (not only me FTR). WYLD. Like a record player coming to a screeching halt then there was morning. My head pounding as if house music is blasting inside, I blink my eyes open. I am very much not at home. I also don't know where I am and there's someone's arm around me. You know that feeling. If you ever went to college or you enjoy drinking till your liver quits. You know what I'm talking about. That "O God, here we go. What did I do last night" shame feeling in your gut. I peel my head off the pillow just enough to get a peek. It's a woman. WTF?

This is the story of my life: A journey of fuck ups, hang ups, and letting go of how I thought it was supposed to be. Best laid plans often go awry. Thanks mice and men for the pro tip.

*Writers note I love men and women and am happy to live in a time where people can be free to love who they want. I just happen to be of the variety that likes big hot dudes.

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