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This December 1st, she asked that we write down 30 of our biggest celebrations and lessons from 2017. I quickly took my ass to my favorite coffee shop and began writing. Here are mine. Will you show me yours? Prefer out loud celebrating? Sign up for Jacki’s FREE workshop to share with others on lessons you’ve learned and big moments worth celebrating.

30 Celebrations and Lessons from 2017

1. My brother coming clean about his addiction issues. His dedication to getting and staying sober has brought my family even closer and I could not be more grateful for him (!) and his huge efforts in his work.  I love him so much.

2. Setting big writing goals.

3. Reminders to myself that I don’t have to try so hard. I can do what feels best and easiest for me, even if that doesn’t live up to everyone else’s vision of how things should be done.

4. When you’re tired, hangry, overworked, upset, stressed, etc., it can take effort to be kind to yourself and others. It still matters and is worth every effort.

5. My website redesign deserves a celebration. The design is intentionally simple, but the detail behind it was not, and I am impressed with myself!

6. The opportunity to work with a special group of people intent on making the world better- especially in the field of medicine and how we treat and care for people with serious illness had felt like a gift that fell into my lap. I see though, that my own steps in life were just as helpful as fate in bringing me the invitation. Life will bring you the right things if you keep walking in the right direction.

6a. Follow your own map. 

7. I learned where I inappropriately crossed other's boundaries and corrected to respect them instead. I learned the difference between walls and boundaries. Where I had walls, I softened. Where I had important boundaries, I held the line.

8. Celebrate the purge! Habits, clothes, junk, and communication techniques that simply didn’t fit well, went.

9. Creating playlists from discovered and new music on Spotify.  Having others follow my playlists is a true nerd need met. A nerd need I didn’t even know I had until this year.

10. Celebrating friends love at weddings, in old relationships, and new. And all the cute baby friends born this year!

11. Life is short and precious. It’s only getting shorter, which makes each moment more and more precious.

12. Don’t be afraid to go for the BIG ask. You might get the BIG answer.

13. Life can be wrought with hardship, no matter how well you plan. The circles you keep are important and they matter most in hard times.

14. Life costs a lot. Plan and save accordingly to afford the quality of life you want.

15. I am a feminist and am empowered more than ever to use my voice for good.

16. My favorite local coffee shop should be celebrated and I am so happy they are growing into different neighborhoods in my city. I hope everyone finds them as a delightful space to slow down, sip, and savor the moment.

17. My best proofreading, especially for very obvious typos, happens after I publish stories and send emails.

18. Grateful for the phone usage-tracking app, Moment, bringing to my awareness the percentage of my life spent (wasted) on my phone. Grateful for the desire to make changes and for Moment for tracking my efforts.

19.  Celebrating the beauty in an evening walk by myself or with special, evening-walk-loving friends. Noticing the beauty of a front door or the novelty of a new alley to wander down sometimes makes me feel like I often walk around with closed eyes. Walking, slowing down forces them open.

20. Each year I grow more comfortable into myself.  34, so far you’ve been great to me.

21. I’m not perfect. I mess up. But no one is perfect. If I can forgive others easily, I should allow forgiveness to myself for mistakes, too.

22. Learning takes time and effort. Learning is worth time and effort.  

23. I walked in my first fashion show for Anthropologie. The fashion world is ready for 5’3’’ models. An unexpected surprise was meeting local role models on the runway who inspired me to keep using my voice and to write more.

24. Challenges, roadblocks, and difficulties will follow you- even if you change locations, relationships, or outfits. Until you unpack where the friction comes from and how to kindly course correct, you will find yourself up against the same old wall.

25. If you want to create a vision, different from the rest, then you have to let go of the rules and the how-to guides that everyone else lives by.

26. Don’t major in minor things.

27. Web design 2017, check. SEO, tabled to 2018. Your own vision of success is still a path that takes time.

28. Celebration-> Pizza and ice cream should be food groups! Lesson->Pizza and ice cream are not food groups.

29. Being tidy, organized, and efficient are qualities that I love about myself and help keep my life sane and therefore, swell.

30. I love my life, every brutal, sad, tough, happy, laughing moment of it. For they have all brought me here. And right here feels like the perfect place for me.

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