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the slow lane

I started writing a story about how we need to be protective and intentional about how we spend our time. The story was never finished because, get this ironic kicker- I ran out of time to write.

Nearly finished with the piece, I entered into a week so packed with to-do’s that even washing my hair became a task sacrificed in order to free up time. I do not have that kind of hair.

I had been mulling over the concept of time since a recent follow up doctors appointment when a medical student rubbed me the wrong way.

My doctor walked into the office with student in tow. I inquired about her recent vacation. My doctor’s face lit up sharing the highlight reel of her trip to Europe. Vacationing and free of her usual demands, she enjoyed mimicking a culture not stressed by time but instead relaxed by it.

The medical student rolled her eyes and chimed in, “But how realistic is that?” This one was not for that siesta life.

It was palpable that the student had subscribed to a busy life; short on free time, before realizing she had a choice in the matter. 

“I hate being stressed by time. I want to be relaxed by it – European style.” I thought.

There’s a difference between a life that is full and thus fulfilling and a life that is busy and your hair is disgusting. It seemed the latter was being glorified here.

I can’t remember the last time I heard a friend remark about how fabulously busy their life has been. Generally, aren’t we complaining when we talk about being busy?

Consciously, I made a decision to slow things way down. I would plan to linger longer at coffee shops and block off whole days to write. I would meander on purpose. I would schedule agenda free days. Designing my time in fulfilling ways became high priority.

And then my hair went unwashed. For days. We can have the best intentions and then life will sit there and laugh at you. Right in your face.

Things come up though. Commitments are made. Last minute events make the calendar. People who are special in your life need you and you show up for them. And sometimes all of these things happen at once. (Enter dry shampoo.)

Some stretches of time are bursting with busy and there’s not a blessed way to avoid it. Breathe and handle it like a boss but look ahead and see the next moment where you can get back to living life according to your ideal timeline.

I think designing your time (however you wish to spend it) is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Nothing tires me out like a packed schedule. I enjoy life more when I move at a slower pace. I focus better and wander more. I catch acts of gratitude around me and express them more in return. I can breathe and live and love more easily when I slow down.  

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is writing in a favorite coffee shop, sipping a warm latte, and eating delicious buttered bread with fresh jam. Even if I’m writing rubbish, I am better for it.  

My one darling friend says, “Busy does not equal fulfilled.” And she’s right. You’re not fooling anyone; we can smell your hair from here.

This may be rubbish but my hair is clean and the bread is divine.

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