Is This Naked Life the best expression of gifts I want to share with the world?

I’ve felt a tension inside trying to answer that question. A giant knot of doubts and insecurity tangled up with glimpses into a life full of possibility.

I’m moving. Transitioning from one space to another. Simplicity was on the agenda for 2018 and while I was learning to live with less, nothing makes you realize how much you’re still holding onto than when you pack up to move.

Perhaps one of the most wonderful and brave things a person can do is to own their cracks and fractures, to make the effort to carefully repair themselves, and paint our broken parts sparkly in order to walk more self-lovingly in all our glory.

My happiness is a product of all my next right steps. Happiness actualized. It takes many steps, a few stumbles, and several more right steps after that, but when you’re sitting in a space that you purposefully worked for –it’s a giddy good feel.

If you knew your time was short what would be so important to have, hold, accomplish, or do that you couldn’t imagine a life without? Are you in alignment with those values and goals? If not, how can you course correct to get there?